'Challenge' Chet's Signature Specs Are Busted--Oh, The Things They've Seen! [Video]

Oh, the horror! Chet's memorable glasses have literally seen their final days.

We half-expected Chet Cannon's signature specs to outlast Mount Rushmore's famous busts, but sadly, the pair the Challenger has sported since before he moved into Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood are no longer. Chet told his Twitter audience today that his famous frames have officially seen their final days, but hey, they certainly lived a lifetime in six years. We suppose we have to move on, but it's safe to say any replacement pair--be they horn-rimmed or Pince nez--will never mean so much. To celebrate their short-but-sweet days on Earth, here is a collection of some sights Chet's wayfarers will surely take beyond the grave.

His best friend, Ryan:

OK, so Chet's not actually wearing the glasses in this clip (IT WAS SUNNY AND HE WAS CRYING, OK?!), but they'd seen his best bro very clearly over the preceding months. This "Real World" goodbye is a vision of beauty.

An intensive care unit in Eastern Europe:

From what we understand, you can't wear glasses while swimming (or being carted away in a Turkish ambulance), but Chet's Ray Bans were right by his side on a nightstand during his hospital stay on "Cutthroat." Just call my name, and I'll be there...

Trishelle not naked:

For all of his efforts to woo Trishelle, the blonde bombshell never caved. (Wait...is he not wearing the things again? Did he ever, actually? We're sort of losing our sentiment, here, guy...)

Devyn's ass:

Ah, there those damn things are--not atop Namibia's sand dunes, but as a part of Chet's interview ensemble in which he laments having Devyn as a "Battle Of The Seasons" teammate who had to literally be pushed throughout the game's final mission.

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Photo courtesy of @ChetCannon