Leah Confesses She Might Be Pregnant With Jeremy's Baby [Sneak Peek]

What was supposed to be a relaxing day at the nail salon turns into a friendterrogation for Leah when she drops the maybe-baby bomb on her bestie, Kayla. In this sneak peek from "Teen Mom 2," Leah dishes on Jeremy's romantic proposal, and reveals that she's already preparing to have another kid with him. Surprise!

"You're gonna be really mad at me...but," Leah starts in the clip below, "I took out my IUD." Note to Leah: Warning Kayla she's going to be angry is not going to make her any less angry. When Kayla questions her choice, Leah responds, "Why not?"

The two friends' attempt to reason with each other rivals the intensity of a Venus vs. Serena match, and neither seems ready to back down. Leah's convinced she and Jeremy are ready to start trying, while Kayla thinks she's too young to add another baby to the roster. But...all of their arguing may be moot, because Leah thinks she already might be pregnant. "I really just want a family, Kayla, that's all," she assures her friend. Well...sounds like her wish is about to be granted!

Check out Kayla and Leah's conversation, and watch Monday's all-new episode to see what happens next!

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