Jionni Struggles To Play It Cool During A Visit From Snooki's Former Fling, Vinny [Bonus Scene]

That indescribably uncomfortable conversation between Vinny and Jionni on "Jersey Shore" finally brought the guys a little bit of resolution--but they still ain't exactly bosom buddies. Vinny pays the LaValle household a visit in the "Snooki & JWOWW" bonus scene below, and though Jionni tries to put on his best host face, he can't help but notice the gargantuan elephant in the room.

"We did squash our past, but, you's still kind of awkward," Jionni says as Vin and his mom, Paula, arrive to drop off a baby gift. Snooki can sense there's still some tension ("If it was a year ago, and Jionni saw Vinny at his house, Jionni would probably wrestle him to the ground," she says), but she remains hopeful that the guys will be able to put aside their differences, because they're actually not so different. "Both of them live in their mother's basement, they're both mama's boys...I mean, they're a lot alike," Nicole says. Take the advice from Vinny's shirt, boys, and just hug pug it out.

+ Check out the bonus scene, and tell us if you think Jionni and Vinny will ever be bros.

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