Teen Moms Face New Challenges As Their Babies Become Toddlers

By Lauren Mann of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

We've been watching the cast of "Teen Mom 2" navigate life since before their babies were even born. But now the babies aren't babies anymore, and Kailyn, Jenelle, Chelsea and Leah have to adjust to the new challenges of raising toddlers. Toddlers are faster, louder and way more rambunctious than infants. Plus, they're talking, and they're more aware of what’s going on around them. They're old enough to know if daddy has his own separate house, if mommy has a new boyfriend or if mommy and daddy are fighting.

Both Leah and Jenelle have talked about wanting to move into bigger homes that can offer more room for their kids to run around and accommodate the toys, clothes and other belongings they've accumulated over the past few years. As parents, Leah and Jenelle have to factor in their children's best interest when it comes to all decisions, such as changing living arrangements.

As for Chelsea and Kailyn, the days of changing diapers might be over, but they are now realizing that potty-training is way harder than it looks! Isaac has to deal with the confusion of having two homes, two different parenting styles and two different potties. That can’t be easy on him or Kailyn. And chasing after Aubree to empty out her potty is probably not what Chelsea imagined she'd be doing with her life at this point.

Being a parent is a lifelong commitment, and the sacrifices never end. The challenges of being a teen mother only evolve as the babies become toddlers and the teens become young adults. The kids may become more independent over time but that doesn't mean they no longer need supervision.

+ How do you think the teen moms are handling the toddler years so far? Could you do it? Are you ready for that kind of a commitment? If not, do you know how to prevent pregnancy until you're ready? Check out Bedsider.org for everything you need to know about birth control.

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