Nikki & Sara Give A Warm, Excited Hello To MTV Viewers


Nikki and Sara here. We just wanted to write a little note to say how unbelievably excited we are about our talk show premiere on January 29 (11/10c). In September of 2011, we pitched our show idea to MTV, and now, after countless sacrifices and much debt, we're ready to do this!

We’ve put in a lot of hours writing, rehearsing, shooting and jumping up and down screaming with excitement to prepare for this day, but since the show is live, there are so many elements of surprise we can't foresee. Like, what if Nikki trips and falls during the first 30 seconds of filming? What if Sara brings an interview to a screeching halt by announcing she has a skin fungus? What if we both propose to Ryan Gosling simultaneously? What if Ryan Gosling says yes to us BOTH? Should we have one big mega double-wedding or two separate, smaller, more tasteful weddings? Will we be sister wives then? Who gets Ryan on the weekends? Do you think we could get Skrillex to DJ the reception? Why do we sometimes get the urge to cradle Skrillex in our arms? Do you think Ryan would be amenable to adopting Skrillex? Okay, if he doesn’t like that idea, what about adopting a couple of orphaned birds? We love birds. Why are their tiny heads so cute? And whatever happened with Sara’s fungus?

Okay, wait --- let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we must ask: Ryan Gosling, will you do our show?

These are the great questions of our time, and we won’t know what will happen until it happens. We hope you’ll find the answers with us, every Tuesday night at 11/10c starting January 29, and in the meantime, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@NikkiGlaser and @SaraSchaefer1) and check out our "How To Land A Talk Show" video below!

-- Nikki & Sara