Mark-Paul Gosselaar Would Bring Zack Morris Back For A 'SBTB' Spin-Off [Video]

The charming MPG looking casual at a children's charity event.

Nineties fans, rejoice! "Girl Meets World" might not be the only childhood TV comeback! The news isn't exactly official, but Mark-Paul Gosselaar told TMZ he's open to a "Saved By The Bell" spin-off. From MPG's mouth to the TV Gods' ears, can this pleeeeease happen?

The former Bayside hunk gives his opinion on "Girl Meets World" in the clip below. "We'll see how they do, and maybe we'll do a reunion as well," he says. Say what now?! Perhaps "Happy Endings" won't be the last we see of Mark-Paul! As long as a Zack Attack reunion tour is part of this unofficial and untitled new show, we're sold.

So, "SBTB" fans, what would you call this hypothetical sequel? How's "Saved By The Bell: The Working Class" sound? Or, with most of the cast pushing forty, would "Saved By The Bell: The Over-The-Hill Years" be more appropriate? Juuuust kidding. Why don't you give us your suggestions for a new "Saved By The Bell" spin-off title in the comments!

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Photo: James Lemke Jr/Getty Images