Chelsea Houska's Pup Lays An Egg That Offends Her Daughter's Senses [Photo]

Chelsea's furry friend packs quite the gaseous punch.

Randy Houska once accused his daughter's French Bulldog, Betsy, of being able to peel paint off the wall with her gas, and if he's checked Chelsea's Instagram lately, he's seen that his granddaughter is in full agreement. Recently, Chels tweeted a photo of Betsy nearly clearing the room with her sulfuric scent, and little Aubree's face says it all: Someone get this girl a Hazmat suit!

"Betsy farted," the teen mom simply wrote, as Aubree struggled to cope with the expulsion. Betsy had all the promise of a lifelong companion when Chelsea adopted her on last night's episode, but we're beginning to think the toxic cloud she's creating could spell disaster....

Eh, when a pup is this cute, we suppose long-term health risks can be overlooked!

Check out the photo, and re-watch the moment when Chelsea first brought Betsy home!

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Photo courtesy of @ChelseaHouska

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