'Teen Mom 2' Poll: Should Leah Have Dropped Out Of School? [Video]

So, remember when we asked you whether or not Leah had too much on her plate? Well... on last night's episode of "Teen Mom 2," something had to give, and with a new house, live-in boyfriend and twin toddlers entering their terrible twos (say that three times fast) her school days got the axe.

Keeping up with a full-time school schedule ended up being too much for the young mother to handle, as she found herself falling behind with so many other responsibilities to tend to, plus it was bleeding into her time with the girls. Her academic counselor advised against dropping out, and even tried to work out a lighter schedule with her (watch the bonus scene below), but Leah's mind was already made up. Just as quickly as she signed up, she took school out of the equation to focus completely on motherhood. Lucky Ali and Aleeah got a sick Barbie Jeep out of it, but did Leah do herself a disservice? Just a few episodes back, she was so excited about furthering her education, so how was she able to change her tune so quickly?

+ Tell us what you think: Should Leah have stuck it out in school?

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