That's What You Said...About Jenelle Rogers' Second Pregnancy

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Jenelle Rogers' family is officially expanding, but is it the best thing for the teen mom, who's still sorting through her fair share of emotional turmoil? That was the question viewers grappled with after Jenelle and her husband, Courtland, announced they're expecting earlier this week. The spectrum of feedback across Remote Control and Facebook was pretty wide--there was a good number of congratulatory messages, but many fans of the show expressed concern over whether or not Jenelle can handle the additional responsibility. Check out some noteworthy comments below, and tell us your own opinion.

Remote Control:

"I believe you can become a better mom to this baby and to Jace. Just remember to do the right thing and make better choices for yourself." -- Danielle

"All I can say is I wish them the best. I sincerely hope Jenelle takes her second chance seriously. A child isn't something you get to pick up and play with whenever it is convenient for you." -- Alison

"It might not be ideal to have a surprise pregnancy, but she is married, and older, and knows why she goes on emotional roller-coasters now. I think this could be a very good thing for the entire family." -- Breezi


"Anyone can change, and hopefully this time she does and will be there for both of her babies." -- Ashley H.

"Jenelle, I am your biggest supporter but please stay on track. Stop f-ing up and grow up this time. It's not about you anymore--its about Jace and that other baby." -- Jolene K.

"Everyone has their downfalls. Maybe this time she will smarten up and realize that she has to be there for both children." -- Britnae G.

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Photo courtesy of @PBAndJenelley_1