Jenelle Rogers Shares Her Sonogram On Twitter [Photo]

The newlyweds and parents-to-be, Jenelle and Courtland Rogers.

Jenelle Rogers' second child is merely a peanut in the womb, but already she's putting together a baby album. This morning, the "Teen Mom 2" cast member tweeted photographic proof of her pregnancy: a sonogram bearing her maiden name and a blurry embryo, which she circled in red.

According to the sonogram, Jenelle's little one is 6 weeks and 2 days in the making. "If you look closely you can see on the bottom left hand corner it tells you how big the baby is and how far along I am. So excited!" the newly married mother explained on her Sulia page. She's still got a ways to go before the kid is fully cooked (about 7 1/7 more months, let the countdown begin!) but if this "show and tell" item is any indication, we're sure there will be lots more photos to come.

Squint realllll hard.

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