Trina: I Almost Got Arrested For Skipping School 'When I Was 17' [Bonus Scene]

Trina's patchwork jacket sure was somethin'.

While most kids end up with detention if they cut class, rapper Trina's attempt at playing high-school hooky almost landed her in the slammer! In this "When I Was 17" bonus scene, Trina tells the story of how some uninvited coppers crashed her ladies luncheon. The Miami native explains that she and her friends skipped out on class for some fine dining at...a crab shack?...that put them in a major food coma. The tired teens crashed in the car before going back to school, but were shaken awake when they heard "Boom! Boom! Boom!" through the window. "I jumped up and my eyes were so big! I was so scared," she says of the incident. Around 40 cops had arrived on the scene (maybe that's a slight exaggeration?), but the policemen soon discovered the girls were just harmless teenagers and not hobos, as one buttinsky onlooker claimed. If only they hadn't still gotten dragged down to the station!

+ See what Trina's mom had to say about the mishap below, and watch new episodes of "When I Was 17" every Sunday at 1/12c on MTV2!

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