Jenelle Won't Forgive Amber For Putting Her Freedom At Risk [Video]

Another "Teen Mom 2" episode, another living situation gone south. Shortly after Jenelle moved in with Amber, probation problems cropped up (again) and the two friends had such a big fight that Amber flew the coop. Unfortunately, they haven't spoken since.

In these interview clips, Jenelle defends her decision to keep Amber's boyfriend, who was also on probation, out of the house. A rule of Jenelle's probation stated that should she get caught with other law breakers, she'd end up back behind bars. She was willing to risk it once with her ex, Kieffer, who had outstanding warrants, but Amber's boyfriend didn't get the same courtesy, which caused an irreparable rift between the longtime pals.

"We still don't talk to this day, because I'm honestly still mad about it," Jenelle says. Her anger stems from feeling like Amber discounted her safety, yet on the flip side, Amber considered Kieffer's hall pass an unfair double standard. Sadly, none of this would be an issue if everyone could have steered clear of jail.

Check out what else Jenelle has to say about her fight with Amber, as well as how she got closure from seeing Kieffer.

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