New BFFs Knoxville And Schwarzenegger Share 'The Last Stand' Sidekick Secrets [Video]

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Johnny Knoxville bonding at the "Last Stand" premiere in L.A.

An unlikely bromance has blossomed right before our very eyes. Throughout Johnny Knoxville and Arnold Schwarzenegger's "The Last Stand" promo tour, the pair have been praising each other left and right! Earlier in the week, Johnny even defended the politician/actor against Chelsea Handler's harsh remarks. And now, MTV News' Josh Horowitz is digging deep to find out how the jackass's sidekick skills make him the perfect ying to Ahhhnold's yang.

In the interview below, Schwarzenegger says their characters clicked because the two seemingly opposite men had one goal in mind: to be "enthusiastic about the mission." And when Josh asks what he can do to one day be Schwarzenegger's go-to-guy, the former Terminator offers up a few steps he needs to follow in order to get the gig. "All you have to do is just gain 50 lbs. of muscles, gain a little bit in the height," he responds. It's as simple as that!

+ Check out the clip to learn what other traits a Schwarzenegger sidekick needs, and see "The Last Stand," in theaters now!

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Photo: Jesse Grant/Getty Images