MTV Twitter Roundup: Baby Lorenzo Has A Need For Speed

Clear the highways! This lil' guy was born to be a speed demon.

Judging by the driving habits of Lorenzo LaValle's dear mother, Nicole, may we recommend that you travel on foot for a while now that the kid's a motor vehicle operator? Snooki tweeted a photo of her son ripping up the roads (or, her living room floor) recently, and we couldn't help but imagine a potentially lucrative future in NASCAR. He sure is cute now, but you may want to steer clear of the Jersey Turnpike in 16 years.

Elsewhere on Twitter, Evan Starkman of "The Challenge" and Sara Schaefer of "Nikki & Sara LIVE" got in on the chatter about "Catfishedcollege football star Manti Te'o, while Pauly D was basking in praise (from Mike Tyson, no less!) after the release of his new song, "Back To Love." And, as expected, Jenelle Rogers was forced to defend herself after catching criticism about her second pregnancy. Wonder what Babs is saying?

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Photo courtesy of @SnookiNic