'BUCKWILD' Poll: Do Shae And Joey Have The Makings Of A Real Relationship?

Breakups: Not always such a bitch! In Shae's case, it meant letting loose and finally hooking up with a guy she'd secretly had her eye on--Mr. Bieber bangs, a.k.a Joey.

After collecting her things from Jesse J.'s place on tonight's "BUCKWILD," Shae let her single flag fly by making quite a scene at Joey's birthday party. Sissonville's hottest blonde got some sinister ideas when Anna let everyone know the house was fully stocked with Shae's favorite snack--apple butter. Within minutes, Shae was licking it off of Joey's chest. Then, the single-serving couple topped off a moonlight four-wheeler ride with a roll in the hay twin bed. However, when daybreak came, Shae told the girls that she didn't know if she and Joey could be in a full-blown relationship. Hmm, perhaps she was just being coy? After all, she did spend the previous night singing Joey's praises.

+ Whaddya think--are we looking at West Virginia's newest lovebirds, or was this nothing more than a one-night stand? Take the poll!

Could you see Shae and Joey as a couple?

  • Yeah, they have a definite mutual attraction.
  • Nah, their hook-up was a one-time thing.

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