We're Supersizing 'True Life' This Weekend With 5 New Episodes! [Sneak Peeks]

The show that's shed light on drug abuse, eating disorders and, uh, sugar babies is coming back with a vengeance this weekend. MTV is set to air five back-to-back "True Life" episodes on Saturday afternoon, and, if that's not enough, there's a lead-in special featuring the series' best moments. Got a trip planned for the three-day weekend? Consider staying put, because this sh** is addictive.

We've posted a few sneak peeks of the new episodes below, including "I Hate The Government," "I Can't Control My Pet" and "I'm Getting Unusual Plastic Surgery." From pigs as big as fairytale creatures to a dude seeking demonic forehead implants, the show's upcoming subjects are definitely unique--and, in one case, willing to get arrested in the name of protesting American lawmakers! Checks and balances, folks. Checks and balances.

+ Watch the videos, and tune in January 19 at 3/2c for a "True Life" all-day affair!

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