Ludwin Admits To Kissing Frankie Too Soon After His Breakup [Video]

Never before have so many people rooted against a relationship! The "Washington Heights" cast unanimously...uhh...didn't care too much for Ludwin's girlfriend, Diana, and on tonight's episode--after a heated late-night confrontation--Ludwin finally cut the girl (who's been likened to both Voldemort and Morticia Addams) loose. Tough break, sis.

"We consider ourselves a family," Rico says of his friends in the "Uptown Lowdown" video below. "We're trying to accept you in...and this is how you're gonna react with us?" he finishes, explaining how the gang was constantly disturbed by Diana's rude, antisocial behavior. They were thrilled once Ludwin put the relationship out if its misery, wasting no time sweeping up Frankie, who'd been pining after him for awhile. "It was like the stars aligned," Frankie says, reflecting back on her long-awaited kiss with Ludwin. "Thanks Jesus for throwing me a bone. It was nice to hear that he liked me."

+ Still, Ludwin admits that he might have made his move too soon. Do you agree, or was his connection with Frankie too strong to cast aside? Check out the video, and tell us what you think!

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