Jenelle Gears Up For Kieffer's 'Teen Mom 2' Return [Sneak Peek]

So...remember Kieffer? (Der, of course you do.) Well, he (and all of his baggage) are about to pop right back up on the next episode of "Teen Mom 2," if this sneak peek is any indication. Even though Jenelle seems to have grown up a bit since last seeing her ex, the trepidation in her voice is impossible to ignore as she discusses the possibility of seeing him again.

Jenelle approaches her roommate, Amber, to disclose her phone discussion with Kieffer in the clip below. "I thought that he was in jail in Maryland?" Amber questions, confused by the news. Yup, Jenelle thought so, too. She explains to Amber that after being released from a Maryland jail on probation, Kieffer's lawyer advised him to go back to South Carolina to do time for the charges against him there. And before he gets locked up again, he wants to see Jenelle. "Is that going to be hard for you? If you guys emotionally connect that one day?" Amber asks. "I don't know," Jenelle answers after a long pause. Though we don't know yet if their reunion will be a good or bad thing, we can at least count on it not being boring!

+ Check out the video, and tell us what you think of Kieffer maybe coming back into Jenelle's life.

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