'90s Nostalgia Alert! Mark-Paul Gosselaar Guest Stars On 'Happy Endings' [Video]

The "Boy Meets World" cast is no longer alone on the '90s comeback TV landscape. Last night, Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar of "Saved By The Bell" fame made an appearance on ABC's "Happy Endings." Either we've all entered a time machine, or 2013 is shaping up to be the year the '90s strike back!

The former teen heartthrob played Max's charming new roommate, who moved in so he could have a secret place to cheat on his wife. What would Mr. Belding say!? In a Celebuzz report, Executive Producer Jonathan Groff says it was MPG's enigmatic charisma that made him the perfect fit. And, Adam Pally, who plays Max, confirmed Groff's words by gushing about what a pleasure it was to have him on the set. "It was awesome for me to work with Mark-Paul! I was totally star-struck, maybe the most star-struck I've been, doing scenes with Zack Morris." Sounds like MPG's still got that magic touch!

Check out a clip of Mark-Paul Gosselaar in "Happy Endings," and see where he got his start on "Old School Afternoon" episodes of "Saved By The Bell" on MTV2.

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