Jam Out To Pauly D And Jay Sean's Brand New Single, 'Back To Love' [Video]

Pauly D made a point to never give his heart away on "Jersey Shore," but in his latest single, "Back To Love," the DJ seems a little bit lovestruck. The new tune, featuring Brit Pop artist Jay Sean, is so infectious, we bet you'll be clearing your evening schedule and any nearby floor space so you can get your groove on without interruption.

"Who's Bumpin This Right Now ???" Pauly tweeted today, moments after the track dropped and started ascending the charts. The lyrics are a bit of a departure from what we're used to--it's a tale of lost love and the quest to earn it back ("So many feelings, I miss you just a little too much," Jay Sean sings)--but we have to say, we're definitely diggin' it. If having an impromptu office dance party didn't totally bug our co-workers, we would have given it a shot--it is that catchy. PLAYLIST POTENTIAL!

+ Have a listen to "Back To Love," download a copy on iTunes and tell us if you'll be pumping it through your speakers this weekend!

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Photo courtesy of @DJPaulyD