'Teen Mom 2' Bonus Scene: Jace Dominates The Gymnastics Arena

If you thought Pirate Ship Jace had skills, wait until you meet Jungle Gym Jace! Jenelle's little one hangs up his fledges to get in some tumbling practice in this bonus scene from last night's "Teen Mom 2," and even though he's just a toddler, the way he fearlessly scurries around the arena is solid proof the kid's a future Olympic gold contender.

After loading up on Vitamin C, Jenelle and Jace hit up the cargo net to get their climb on. But when Jenelle takes a fall and starts to sink into the foam block pit underneath, Jace saves the damsel in distress by pulling her to shore. Our hero! Next up: the rings. Not to be outdone by her agile son, Jenelle demonstrates an upside-down flip like it's no big deal, and helps Jace do a mid-air somersault like a pro. As far as athleticism goes, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in the Evans family! We can only imagine what Babs can do on a balance beam...

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