Can A Lax Bro Find Love On National 'Catfish' Day? [Sneak Peek]

A college girl without a cell phone? We thought we'd heard it all, but on the next episode of "Catfish" (and, fittingly, on National Catfish Day), Nev and Max are in for a challenge when they try to help a Michigan lacrosse player land the girl of his virtual dreams, sans tried-and-true cellular technology.

Tyler's sick of dealing with the mind games that the girls in his hometown seem to play, and he says Amanda is his escape from all the small-town drama. In the sneak peek of tonight's new episode, he gushes about his online love, who is just a few hours away in Kalamazoo. "If I meet Amanda and she is who she says she is...then she'd be a super-cool girl to have in my life," Tyler says in the clip below. Though he's never met Amanda--or even heard the sound of her voice--Tyler's hopeful that she's the real deal and not just another made-up story.

Despite the numerous red flags, like the excuse that a family rift is why Amanda can't pay for a phone, Tyler's still going all in. "There's always, like, 'What if this is actually real?'" he wonders.

+ Check out the full first act, and tune in tonight at 11/10c to see if Amanda is the perfect match!

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