MTV Twitter Roundup: Taylor Swift's A Big Fan Of Jillian Rose Reed's Red Head

Jillian Rose Reed and her red hair are starstruck by Taylor Swift at the People's Choice Awards.

We hope Jillian Rose Reed remembered to thank her hair and makeup team after "Awkward" snagged a People's Choice Award earlier this week. Before the show got underway, the MTV series' pluckiest star was stopped and complimented on her new red locks by none other than Ms. Breakup, herself, Taylor Swift. Two wins in one night!

Elsewhere on Twitter, Deena of "Jersey Shore" was also in the market for a fresh 'do, while Katie and Cara of "BUCKWILD" were still doggin' Jessie J. And Molly Tarlov couldn't wait to get back on set as Sadie Saxton, but disqualified "Stars In Danger" contestant JWOWW lamented the end of her diving career.

Check out what your favorite MTV cast members had to say on Twitter this week:

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Photo courtesy of @JillianRoseReed