Lil Duval Confesses: 'When I Was 17,' I Got Cut From The Marching Band [Bonus Scene]

"American Pie" may have given a slight nod to band geeks way back in 1999, but "Guy Code" comedian Lil Duval says marching bands have always been cool. In this bonus scene from today's "When I Was 17," Duval shamelessly admits that, much like his steppin' days, he signed up for the squad for one simple reason: to get chicks!

In the clip below, Duval talks about how he crafted a plan to make the girls in the stadium go crazy. By incorporating the '90s dance known as The Whoomp (you know, like, "Whoomp! There It Is!") into his marching band's choreography, all eyes would be on his expert moves. "I used to do the whoomp all the time! I was the whoomp king," he shares.

Duval designed the routine around him "whoomping [his] ass off," and the rest is history. As in, he was history. The stunt got him kicked off the team! Hey, we bet he got a few dates out of it...

Check out the video for the full story, and watch new episodes of "When I Was 17" every Sunday at 1/12c on MTV2!

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