That's What You Said...About Whether Teen Mom Kailyn Should Become A Texan

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Should she stay or should she go? That was the question of the hour on the most recent "Teen Mom 2," as Kailyn felt torn between moving to be with the supportive family she'd found, or staying put to avoid driving a wedge between her son and his father. Most of you thought it was a no-brainer that she should get outta dodge and head for Texas, but Kail wasn't sure what was right.

Fans of the show took to Remote Control and Facebook to sound off about the weighty decision, whether it was offering support, warning against the move or simply advising her to take more time to think. Check out what some had to say, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

Remote Control:

"It's great that she has found family that she can connect with, but if she moves to Austin, she will be placing a large space between Isaac and Jo. And isn't that exactly what her mother and father did to her? Place other people before her and her sister? Isaac needs both his parents not just one." -- Vicki Lynn

"It's good for her and her son--she has no one." -- Deirdre

"Jo really does not want much to do with Isaac--I think she should move." -- Stacey


"Her son deserves to be around his father and needs his father in his life on a consistent basis. Joe is involved in his life and taking him away from his father is wrong." -- Nicole J.

"Everyone deserves a fresh start, so yes she should, if it makes her happy. She and Jo can find a custody agreement for Issac's sake." -- Kelli C.

"I think she should first talk to [family members] more, make a few more visits then decide if that's the right decision. She just reunited with them and it takes a bit to reconnect and start new relationships." -- Safiyya S.

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