JP Notes The Difference Between A Love Life And 'F***k Life' On 'Washington Heights' [Sneak Peek]

Frankie is one smitten kitten, and the more she ruminates on the sexual tension between her and Ludwin (you know, the guy with the girlfriend?), the more confusing the situation gets. In this "Washington Heights" sneak peek, Frankie enlists JP's help to decode her feelings for Ludwin, but when you ask a guy for relationship advice, you better be ready to get called out on your BS.

Despite her attempt to brush off her crush like it ain't no thang, JP sees right through her. "So you like him and you don't want to tell him," he says, catching her off guard with his directness. She tries to deflect by assuring him it's not that serious, but JP's side-eye stare cuts straight through the nonsense. "It is!" he argues. "IT IS!" she finally admits. But, regardless of her feelings, Frankie knows the whole thing is unrealistic.

"I hate when people ask me about my love life," she says of their conversation, to which JP has some sage words about the difference between love and...other things. "Love life is not the same thing as saying, 'Hey what's going on with your f*** life?' People never ask that question." The two friends probably should have established which one they were talking about before they sat down for lunch.

Check out the rest of JP's real talk in the video below, and tune in to the new episode of "Washington Heights" Wednesday at 10/9c.

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