Shain And Shae Of 'Buckwild' Aren't Interested In Your Status Updates Or Salad [Video]

Carrots and kitten memes were probably not the first things that came to mind when "BUCKWILD" premiered last week (try: topless, dump-truck diving). Which is precisely why we thought it would be fun to test Shae's and Shain's interest in veganism and Facebook during their recent visit to NYC. In the exclusive interview below, the country darlings play a word association game that has them wondering why anyone would ever refuse a fat helping of deer meat.

Shae impresses with her nursing school knowledge of what creepy crawlies go into processed foods. "JELL-O's made from horse hooves, so [vegans] don't eat that, and then red dye 40 is made from the shells of beetles, so they don't eat that either," she explains in the clip. (We may have to rethink ever eating Bill Cosby's favorite jiggly food again in light of this information.) And Shain? Well, he just thinks the whole thing sounds gross. "Quit bein' a rabbit...become a werewolf!" he jokes. Oh man, is someone a closet "Teen Wolf" fan?

As far as what the two feel about social media, they'd rather get some fresh air. Check out the video:

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