Fall Back Into 'Cribs' With A Star-Studded Weekend Marathon! [Video]

If your drab apartment's gray walls have you begging for an escape, but a ritzy vacation is just out of reach, why not turn to the next best thing--your TV, of course! This weekend, you're invited to the apartments, mansions and bungalows of the rich and the famous as part of a throwback "Cribs" marathon, and with Destiny's Child, Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent as just some of the residents on the agenda, you might be inclined to remain a permanent house guest. If only...

#RetroMTV will air FOUR full hours of "Cribs"' most legendary bedrooms, bathrooms and fridges this Saturday, and in the sneak peek videos below, you'll be reminded of why the show was such a hit in the first place. Wanna stroll through Fiddy's sprawling Connecticut compound? Sure, why not!? Tour Emmy Rossum's artist-friendly pad? Be our guest! No shoes past the mudroom, though, and don't even think about letting the dogs outside.

+ Dying to get back inside the digs of your favorite stars? Be sure to tune into the "Cribs" marathon this Saturday, January 12 from 3 to 7 p.m.!

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