Jenni WOWWs The 'High Dive' Crowd Despite A Disqualifying Back Injury [Photo]

If you were hoping to see JWOWW perform Olympic-style physical feats on last night's "Stars In Danger: The High Dive," you, like us, were disappointed when a training injury prevented her from taking the big leap. Still, the MTV darling showed up to cheer on her fellow celebs, such as football star Terrell Owens and surf pro Bethany Hamilton.

Jenni truly had her head and heart in the game until a particularly ugly belly flop threw out her back during practice. After an MRI, her doctor said it was best to stay on the sidelines, though the "Snooki & JWOWW" star still managed to woww viewers with her sexy bod. Despite not being able to compete, she donned a purple ruched swimsuit that showed off her non-debatable assets, and truthfully, stole the show. 'Atta girl!

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Photos: Eric Leibowitz/FOX