Snooki And JWOWW Put Their BFFship To The Test, Game Show-Style! [Video]

Snooki and JWOWW have a blast during a recent "Extra" appearance.

Snooki and JWOWW share a bond that runs four years deep, but is it enough to pass the "BFF Test"? The best friends recently played a Vanna White-worthy game answering questions about one another, and pretty much killed it. But we're the ones who were truly victorious, as the ladies revealed some rather fascinating information every fan should know. For instance, Batman's most feared villain is one of Jenni's secret crushes!

In the MTV News clip below, the girls jot down their guesses to "Newlywed"-style questions on a white board, then announce what they wrote when prompted by the producer. There's no hesitation for either guidette when it comes to picking their favorite reality TV show: "Mob Wives!" they both squeal. "That's like, us,, forty years," Snooki says of VH1's foxy Staten Islanders. Choosing each other's most embarrassing moments is equally a cinch (Snooki confidently notes that "Jenni's is her hair from Season 1."), but there are many surprises--one involving the adoption of a Chilean baby!

+ Take a look at the video, and tell us how you think they did. Plus, keep up with the new season of "Snooki & JWOWW" Tuesday nights at 10/9c!

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Photo: Parisa/Splash News