'The Show With Vinny' Trailer: Lil Wayne To Eat, Play, Piss Inside The Guadagnino Home

What do Lil Wayne, Vinny Guadagnino and dirty-old-man jokes all have in common? Well, not much. But that doesn't stop the famous rapper from swinging by the former "Jersey Shore" star's Staten Island home--where he still lives with his mother--to talk shop, take a leak and chow down on a home-cooked meal in this trailer for "The Show with Vinny."

Soon enough, Vin will host his own MTV series "where celebrities come to keep it real," he says in the video below. It's also where his family, most notably his unfiltered Uncle Nino, make off-color comments that rival the inappropriateness of Al Roker's recent shart confession. "I'm 10 percent black...all in one place though," Nino shares with Wayne over a nice side dish of broccoli rabe. There's no such thing as TMI in this big Italian household.

Pass the Grappa and watch the trailer, y'all. You've never before seen a man so thrilled to show his guest to the bathroom.

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Photos: Eric Johnson and Matthias Clamer