Eliza vs. Reyna On 'Washington Heights': Whose Side Are You On?

The "Washington Heights" cast surely have big hearts, but it didn't take long for them to expose their razor-sharp claws. Tension that had built up over passive-aggressive texts and Facebook messages between Reyna and Eliza boiled over on the night of JP's and Frankie's big performances, and what started as a level-headed conversation about respect turned into a hair-pulling scuffle on the concrete. As a result, a group of friends that seemed indestructible was divided.

Ever since Jimmy started dating Eliza (the only cast member that didn't grow up in Washington Heights), Reyna felt like she had to walk on eggshells around her longtime friend. Jimmy and Eliza had now been together for nearly two years, during which time Reyna and Jimmy drifted apart. On the premiere, when Eliza called her out for trying to get too close to her guy, Reyna replied with a cheeky "Say hi to Jimmy for me!" The stage was set and the girls' entered the battle zone, which saw a good deal of action. After the dust cleared, Jimmy sided with his girlfriend. JP noticed the repercussions almost instantly (Jimmy went MIA after the fight), and worried that his group was beyond repair.

+ Where do you stand on the Eliza versus Reyna debacle? Take our poll, and tell us if you think the group will be able to shape up. Plus, to hear the cast's thoughts on Episode 1, check out "The Uptown Lowdown" below:

Eliza versus Reyna: Whose side are you on?

  • Reyna's. Eliza should respect her friendship with Jimmy.
  • Eliza's. Reyna needs to back off now that Jimmy has a girlfriend.

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