'Awkward.' Star Ashley Rickards Owns The 'Struck By Lightning' Red Carpet [Photo]

Ashley Rickards sheds her goth character for the red carpet.

Another "Glee"/"Awkward" crossover? Yes, please! Ashley Rickards put her love/hate relationship with Chris Colfer aside to attend the premiere of his new movie, "Struck By Lightning," but, she wasn't just there for the hell of it. Rickards plays goth-chick Vicki Jordan in the film about a high school student, Carson Phillips (Colfer), who blackmails his classmates into contributing to the lit magazine so he can pad his college application. It may sound crazy, but as a former high school lit magger, I can say with complete confidence that blackmail is a very legitimate strategy to solicit submissions, okay?!

In the video below, Carson sets the wheels in motion to get some extra-dark poetry from Vicki by showing her a series of compromising photos in which she's the main attraction. "Is that you with the whip in your mouth?" Carson deviously asks while holding up the incriminating evidence. "Ah, you're riding some guys in this one," he says of another. Uh oh, should we be worried about Matty's and Jake's welfare?

Check out the clip, and be sure to see "Struck by Lightning," opening in select theaters on January 11.

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Photo: Splash News