Johnny Knoxville Invites Al Roker To Shart In Next 'Jackass' Movie [Video]

The "Jackass" daredevil flashes a half-smile.

It was the shart heard 'round the world. When Al Roker admitted to pooping his pants at the White House in a recent interview, no one could believe the s*** that came out his...mouth. Even "Jackass" star Johnny Knoxville, who's participated in a repulsive prank or two five-thousand, had a laugh when TMZ told him the crappy news. (Aren't poop jokes the best?)

In the video below, Knoxville cannot believe the "Today Show" weatherman would admit to such a party foul. "No he didn't," he tells the paparazzo, adding, "that makes my day. Whoops!" The cameraman then mentions how Al's No. 2 mishap would have made a great addition to any "Jackass" flick. "If Al Roker ever wants to shart in 'Jackass,' then he's more than invited," Johnny responds.

Whaddya say, weatherman? Got some time to moonlight as a "Jackass" stuntman and dish out some more potty humor?

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Photo: Getty Images