'Washington Heights' Poll: Should Ludwin Break It Off With Diana?

Frankie's lust for Ludwin ain't a secret on "Washington Heights," but she's been pretty respectful of his relationship with Diana. After all, Frankie's not even sure she wants a boyfriend. And really, don't we all have a little crush on fun-loving Ludwin? He sure is a sweetie, which is why it's a wee bit confusing that he's dating Diana, who seems to have a permanent scowl fixed to her face. She doesn't like to hang around any of the "Heights" crew, or... do much of anything, except give Ludwin attitude. What's her deal?

Call us crazy, but Ludwin never seems quite as happy around Diana as he does around Frankie. Yet, he remains true to his girlfriend, holding onto hope that the love is still there. When Ludwin asked for dating advice from JP on Episode 2, and then later from Frankie, both shared similar sentiments despite their different deliveries. JP said he needed to focus on himself and whatever makes him happy--especially in light of passing his GED test. Frankie was a bit more, well, frank. "Break up with her. The end." Welp, so much for respecting the relationship!

+ What do you think? Should Ludwin call things off with his lady? Take the poll, and to hear more about Frankie and Ludwin's flirtation, check out "The Uptown Lowdown" below.

Should Ludwin break up with Diana?

  • No, relationships aren't always easy. He should stick it out.
  • Duh! It's clear she's not making him happy. Just dump her already!

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