'Awkward' Will Open Its Doors To A Gleek And An '80s Icon In Season 3!

Nolan Funk pouts for the camera at a movie premiere in 2012.

Sadie Saxton may be Palos Hills High School's notorious HBIC, but will she finally meet her match when "Awkward" Season 3 rolls around? Nolan Funk, who plays the Dalton Warblers' super strict captain on "Glee," has been tapped to appear on the series as a "confident" prep school import named Collin James, according to The Hollywood Reporter, and though nothing has managed to knock Sadie off her self-appointed pedestal yet, we have a feeling this guy will give her a run for her money.

Not only will the student body see a shake-up, the faculty is also getting a new recruit. "The Breakfast Club" legend Anthony Michael Hall is joining the cast as a "sadistic" creative writing teacher that insists on pushing his students beyond their academic limits. Fun! Junior year sounds like it'll be a total cakewalk for JennaTamara and the gang...

+ What do you think about the latest additions to the cast? Share your reactions, and stay tuned for the latest news about the upcoming 20-episode season!

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Photo: Derek Storm/Splash News