Don't Try This At Home: Tire Rolls And Dump Truck Pool Parties À La 'BUCKWILD'

"WARNING: This show features wild and crazy behavior that could result in serious personal injury or property damage. MTV and the producers insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any activity performed." Sound familiar? Each week, Remote Control is bringing you the most insane stunts pulled on "BUCKWILD" to serve as a warning to impressionable young souls: Don't try this at home. Especially the following...

DON'T roll down a hill in someone's spare tire. If we learned anything from watching last week's series premiere of "BUCKWILD," it's that Shain Gandee will ride damn near anything with a set of wheels, be it a dump truck or an excavator. The self-made stuntman won't even hesitate to sandwich himself inside a single wheel and roll down a massive hill in the holler--after downing 14 hot wings, mind you. And that's only one of Gandee Candy's many tricks. We're just glad Shain had the semi-common sense to wear a helmet.

DON'T go swimming in an old dump truck. A lack of funds didn't stop Shain and his buddies from installing a swimming an old dump truck. Just line the bed with a few mattresses, fasten a sheet of plastic over it with duct tape and voila--you've got yourself a makeshift portable watering hole. It's good for two things: Cooling off and doing naked belly flops off the roof, as Salwa so eloquently demonstrated. We strongly advise against pulling a Salwa if you ever want to be employed and/or your grandparents are still alive.

DON'T have sex in your housemate's bed. When Katie spilled about Cara's nekked tryst with Tyler in Anna's bed, all hell broke loose. Anna dropped an f-bomb or five, and Cara fled the scene. These rabble-rousers clearly need to alleviate any confusion by installing a designated Smush Room STAT.

+ Did we leave any "BUCKWILD" shenanigans off the list? Comment with your top craziest moments from the episode and tune in for even more insanity Thursday at 10/9c!

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