DJ Envy Gets A 'Washington Heights' Makeover On 'Week In Jams' [Video]

New York is known as one of the fashion capitals of the world, and in "Washington Heights," residents live up to that reputation. In the clip below, "Week In Jams" host DJ Envy pays the new MTV cast a visit, and gets the full "Heights"-style treatment from Frankie and Ludwin.

Snazzy dresser Ludwin immediately spots some trendy boots that place Envy in the shoes of an uptown regular. Next: the right pants to match. Envy eyes Frankie, who is holding up some mega-tight skinny jeans that are more in Lil' Wayne's wheelhouse. "You would see my package in those," Envy tells her. Instead, he goes for a more subdued khaki that's actually his size.

Finally, the picky hosts starts to feel the "Heights" swag when Ludwin makes a cool suggestion to complete the look. "I could rock with the leather jacket, definitely," he responds.

Check out DJ Envy's full fashion makeover in the video below and see more of the cast's daring choices when "Washington Heights" premieres Wednesday on MTV at 10/9c. Plus, don't miss full episodes of "Week In Jams" every Sunday at 11/10c on MTV2!

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