Speidi Scatter PDA Across London Before Attempting A Reality TV Comeback [Photo]

Spencer and Heidi take a moment outside the Tower Bridge in London.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are currently embroiled in a battle with other international celebs on England's "Celebrity Big Brother," but before they crossed the house threshold, the "Hills" couple took some time to soak up the London sights.

Trying to get into the British mindset as much as possible, Speidi gallivanted around foggy Londontown during the days leading up to their "Big Brother" debut, according to Us Magazine. On New Year's Day, Heidi tweeted, "Big Ben, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, went ice skating, and played in red phone booths and taxis." Well, they certainly nailed all the main spots.

She's been mum on Twitter since, because there's typically no contact with the outside world on "Big Brother." However...Spencer, who lost his phone just prior to entering the house, is suspiciously still active. After developing a decidedly more British vernacular, he recently claimed it's a "Big Brother" twist. "Listen, tweeps, keep calm and carry on. This is perfectly explainable. I have been allowed to tweet as a plot device in the season." Hmm. Knowing "Big Brother," anything is possible...but could Spencer's phone be in the hands of a prankster?

Sadly, we can't keep tabs on the duo here in America, but if this BuzzFeed gif is any indication, Speidi's doing juuuust fine.

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Photo: Splash News

GIF: BuzzFeed