'Catfish' Poll: Could You Forgive A Friend Who Reeled You In?

It all seemed to be coming up roses for "Average Joe" on last night's "Catfish." As Nev and Max investigated the online love between the small town guy and a big city girl, they couldn't find a reason to believe the relationship was anything but sincere. Joe's virtual crush, ex-beauty queen Kari Ann Peniche, was confirmed as legit by a few mutual friends--and even her agent. However, just as Joe's hopes peaked, they came crashing down when Kari Ann turned out to be the very friend who told everyone she was real.

Rose confessed to faking Kari Ann's profile--as well as many others to corroborate her story--without hesitation. She had feelings for Joe and claimed it let her speak with him romantically, which she couldn't do as herself. She didn't seem very remorseful when she apologized, though, and had no plans to delete the profile because she had become "addicted" to communicating with people as Kari Ann.

"When I talk to people through the fake profile, I get different feelings," she told Nev and Max of her alter-ego, which had accumulated nearly 1,000 virtual friends. Though Joe said he would forgive Rose, he ultimately let her go as a friend.

+ After catching last night's episode, do you think you could forgive a friend who'd deceived you? Take our poll and tell us what you think!

Could you forgive a friend who gave you the 'Catfish' treatment?

  • I think so, as long as he or she was sincerely sorry.
  • Never. A friendship couldn't survive that level of deceit.

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