New 'Odd Couple'-Inspired Sitcom Starring Martin Lawrence And Kelsey Grammer In The Works

Martin Lawrence is back! 

Vinny and Pauly. Cory and Shawn. Martin and Kelsey. If that last duo doesn't ring a bell, it might soon! Legendary comedian Martin Lawrence is this close to saying "Wazzup!" to the small screen again. He and potential co-star Kelsey Grammar are eying a new comedy series, which could be one of the most epic TV match-ups of all time.

Deadline reports the new show, produced by Lionsgate TV, would have an "Odd Couple" feel. Odd indeed! With the former "Bad Boy" teaming up alongside the man who brought uppity Fraiser Crane to life, our funny bones are just asking to be tickled. Rumor has it that production began steamrolling ahead after the TV icons came together this past Thanksgiving, where they apparently showed "great chemistry."

Stranger things have happened, and if there's something these two stars know how to do, it's make a hit! Just see for yourself in the show that put Martin on the map, "Martin," airing every night this week on MTV2 starting at 11/10c!

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Photo: Gabriel Olsen/ Getty Images