Chelsea Gets Some Potty Training Pointers From Dear Ol' Mom [Bonus Scene]

Now that the "Teen Mom 2" kiddies are getting older, milestones are turning up at every corner, and in this bonus scene from last night's episode, Chelsea recruits her mom, Mary, for some tips on how to make Aubree the best toilet trainee ever.

"Since Aubree's two...I figure it's about that time start potty training," Chelsea explains of why she asked her mom over. Clearly it's not Mary's first time at the tinkle rodeo (she raised Chels, after all!) and she breaks it all down pretty simply for the novice. According to her, the most important parts of the process involve making it fun and giving positive reinforcement when Aubree does the deed correctly. Plus, pull-ups and undies are a must.

"How long did it take me?" Chelsea asks of her own learning curve. "I'm sure I just came out potty trained, right?"

Her mom replies, "No I think you were, like, a teenager when I finally had to say, 'Enough, now! Really, I'm not changing any more diapers.'" If Chelsea's strategy is as good as her mom's sense of humor, Aubs will be going unassisted on the big-girl bowl in no time!

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