Kailyn Reams Out Her Estranged Mother On 'Teen Mom 2' [Sneak Peek]

There's nothing like an impromptu confrontation with your estranged mother to ruin your post-vacation bliss. In this sneak peek of Monday's new "Teen Mom 2," Kailyn's Austin bubble gets popped when she calls out Suzi for going behind her back to see Isaac.

After coming back from Texas, Kail sits down with her friend, Mark, to vent about her mom's unwelcome intrusion. "She just showed up completely uninvited," Kail says in the clip below. When Mark asks what she's planning to do about it, Kail uses his phone--because her mother blocked hers--on the spot to call Suzi out. After being hung up on twice, Kail is forced to leave a message. "I don't really appreciate you going to see Isaac without my permission or without me knowing," she says. "Because you can't just be gone for a year and just show up out of nowhere. That's no example to set for my son."

Still reeling from her mom's lack of respect, Kail and Mark are both surprised when she calls back. But without letting Kailyn get a word in, Suzi lays into her. "It's none of your business when I want to see my grandson. Just remember that." Kail sees it differently: "It is my business. He's my kid," she fires back. And that's how you stand up for yourself, ladies.

Check out the whole showdown, and don't forget to watch "Teen Mom 2," Monday nights at 10/9c.

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