Danielle Fishel Confirms 'Girl Meets World' Begins Filming In February [Video]

Danielle Fishel looking fabulous back in 2010.

Another day, another update on the much-anticipated sequel to "Boy Meets World." In the sit-down interview with OK! Magazine below, Danielle Fishel reveals the returning '90s cast is excited to get started on "Girl Meets World," which is on target to begin shooting in February. Let the countdown begin!

With the casting process in full swing, Danielle is reminded of what she went through while auditioning for the role of Topanga, and says her past experience is making it easier to step right into the reboot's maternal role. "I feel like I'm ready to embark on a journey with [the newcomers] that was exactly like my own, but...from a perspective of being the wise adult," she says with a cheeky smirk.

Older and wiser doesn't always mean braver, though. Danielle confesses she was nervous to step back into Topanga's shoes while trying out potential daughters. But, just like the good ol' days, Ben Savage's support gave her the confidence she needed to feel at ease. "The minute Ben started talking and he was Cory, I was instantly Topanga, and we were instantly Cory and Topanga, together." Aww, we can't wait to see their chemistry back in action!

Check out the full interview below, and see Cory and Topanga's romance blossom by watching "Boy Meets World" every day on MTV2's "Old School Afternoons."

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Photo: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images