Newly Married Couple Jenelle And Courtland Rogers Get BIG Tattoos [Photos]

Jenelle's detailed new ink.

The MTV Kool-Aid's got a new ingredient: permanent ink! Just last week, Snooki shared her new winged leopard, and yesterday, Jenelle from "Teen Mom 2" took to her Twitter to show off some fresh body art, which features a skull adorned with roses and a Native American-inspired feather.

"Here is my new tattoo !! :)" Jenelle posted along with the photo above. She already has a number of tats, including a leopard on her thigh (Snooks would be proud!), and shows no signs of slowing down--just like her co-star, Kailyn Lowry, who may be on her way to a full-blown ink addiction.

One of Jenelle's followers was particularly taken with her intricate art, and asked about the idea behind it. "Now of course I didn't have money for the actual detailing buttttt this is the pic that inspired me," she responded, also sharing an image of the drawing (shown below). Both designs are pretty cool, but wethinks we prefer Jenelle's more subdued version.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how her recent marriage is going, it seems her hubby Courtland tagged along for the fun--check out his own new piece below. The couple that tattoos together, stays together...?

The ornate inspiration for Jenelle's tattoo.

Courtland's shredded flag design. 

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Photos: @PBandJenelley_1