That's What You Said...About JWOWW's New Year's Eve Photo Scandal

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This particular blogger once woke up to find a photo of his sleepy self accumulating purple drool on his pillow (your guess is as good as ours...), so we could certainly empathize with JWOWW after she discovered an unflattering pic of her alleged backside making waves across the web. Jenni has never been one to go down without a fight, however, and bit back at the photographer who set out to embarrass her.

Was the photo really of JWOWW? She said no, and fans across Remote Control and Facebook stepped up to note how much they appreciated her sense of humor in the face of her misfortune. See what they had to say below, and tell us where you stand on the subject!

Remote Control:

"I wish cheeseburgers and donuts would do that to my ass, lol." -- Taylor

"Wow, you go Jenni! So sorry that there are losers out there always trying to bash others." -- Christy

"Lol--She's funny. I knew I liked her." -- Crystal


"PREACH IT, JWOWW! You are an amazing beauty and you OWN who you are! STAY STRONG!" -- Cassie Jo B.

"You are beautiful in every way, JWOWW! Keep it real girl!" -- Leigh Ann C.

"How stupid would you have to be to believe that was her anyway? I mean, we've seen it on Jersey Shore and we know better!" -- Lakin H.

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Photo: Ian Spanier