Chanel West Coast Dishes About A Ghostly Encounter On 'When I Was 17' [Sneak Peek]

Before becoming part of Rob Dyrdek's crew on "Fantasy Factory," Chanel West Coast was kickin' it with some other famous--and 'spirited'--friends. In this "When I Was 17" sneak peek, Chanel tells the spooky story of when she was invited to record some music for her debut album at Marvin Gaye's mansion.

The bubbly blonde was pumped to meet the soul singer, whom she thought was a living legend. However, her tune changed when she found out they were meeting with his son, and not the man himself...who passed away in 1984. Needless to say, Chanel's meet and greet was not exactly what she anticipated. "One time, we heard the piano play and we started freaking out," she says of the house's possible paranormal activity.

Find out if Chanel stuck around for the entire ghostly performance in the clip below, and don't miss new episodes of "When I Was 17" every Sunday at 1p/12c on MTV2.

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