'Washington Heights' Sneak Peek: Frankie Flir-texts The Wrong Guy!

Technology can be a wonderful thing for budding relationships. Flirty texts, Facebook chatting--it's the 21st century way to keep up with a crush. However, in this sneak peek from "Washington Heights," Frankie finds out the hard way that you should always double check before hitting send. Especially when that text is as intimate as "I love your hair. The end."

Frankie's got it bad for Ludwin. "Everyone knows I think Ludwin's beautiful," she starts to muse to Taylor in the clip below. "His million dollar smile... snazzy clothes... he's so f***ing cute," she finishes, while Taylor laughs at her friend's head-in-the-clouds crush. Not seeming like one to shy away from someone she likes, Frankie decides to text Ludwin a cute message about how much she loves his hair. All is well, until she suddenly screams, "OH F***!" Yup. She sent the text to the wrong dude. And, as if that wasn't enough, he happens to be her "ex-boo." Yikes! We don't think she'll ever make that party foul again.

Check out the whole mishap, and don't forget to tune in for the premiere of "Washington Heights" January 9 at 10/9c!

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