Shae And Shain Get 'BUCKWILD' In The Big Apple! [Video]

They're not in West Virginia anymore, Toto. In the exclusive video below, Shain, his parents and Shae take to the streets of NYC--from the Statue of Liberty to Times Square--to get "BUCKWILD"!

"We're comin' for you, New York!" Shain exclaims as he looks out over Lady Liberty from the Staten Island Ferry. And he isn't kidding. Central Park joggers, beware! First, Shain mocks the hardcore race devotees out in the chilly winter air: "Why are all these people running? When I'm running, I'm running from the cops," he jokes. Then he hijacks a pedicab (cross that one off the bucket list?) and takes Shae for a ride, because, duh, it's a fancy new vehicle to play with! (This is Shain we're talking about.)

Ultimately the group ends up right in the heart of Times Square, goofing off with the crazy characters in the street and checking out the giant "BUCKWILD" advertisement in the center of it all. "There we are! There we are!" they all scream and cheer. A solid day of tourism in the bag.

Check out the video to see more of their trip, including how they (gasp!) rate the most famous pizza in all of New York.

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