'BUCKWILD' Poll: Will Anna And Cara Be Able To Mend Fences?

Boinking in your housemate's bed? Not exactly the best etiquette, particularly when you've both just been evicted from your previous home. Anna went ballistic on "BUCKWILD" when she found out Cara and Tyler did the dirty deed between her sheets, and when Cara stayed silent on the matter before storming off, things went from bad to worse. "How disrespectful is that?!" Anna screamed as Cara abandoned the chili she was making, ran down to her car and drove off.

Anna's annoyance with Cara and Tyler's back-and-forth flirtation had already peaked before the case of mistaken bedrooms. But it was the last straw for Anna when Katie told her that the sort-of couple had sealed the deal in her personal space. Cara played dumb about what she'd done with Tyler (and where she'd done it), and Anna finally called her out on her sudden vow of silence. "You're f***ing guilty so you won't say sh**," yelled Anna, who didn't buy her friend's denial--especially since Tyler confirmed the hookup.

+ Is Cara's sin unforgivable, or will the girls be able to call a truce and move on? Take the poll!

Will Anna be able to forgive Cara?

  • Sure, there have been worse fights between friends.
  • Definitely not. That is a total violation of girl code and there is no coming back.

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